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Working Together, Making a Difference & Transforming Lives

The simple tax-deductible donation of your car, truck, RV or motorcycle can fuel positive and important efforts in your community.

We can help your favorite charity fund its most important programs.

Our company can help your organization raise the resources needed to fund your various programs. Let us show you how our auto donation program can be applied to your organization.


  • Risk Free
  • No Expense
  • No Startup Cost
  • No Liabilities
  • Established Successful Fundraising Program
  • Positive Exposure for Your Organization
  • Great Fundraising Potential
  • Professional Experience in Auto Donation Fundraising (We do it all!)
  • Legal Tax Deduction
  • Comprehensive Overall Program (Promotion, towing, administration, selling and fundraising)
  • Website Hyperlink to Your Site
  • Additional exposure by sharing flyers through Facebook, Twitter, emails and reciprocal website links
  • Proven Alternative Method of Fundraising
  • A Winning Proposition for Everybody (Donor-tax benefits; Organization-funds needed; Public-great buys)

Community Programs

Our program provides the opportunity for your organization to raise money/funds needed to help support your community's programs:
  • Churches & Worldwide Missionary Organizations
  • Families (individuals and personal counseling)
  • Abuse (women, children, elderly and drug)
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Scholarships
  • Camps for Children
  • Schools (preschool, athletic, band and myriad of other programs)
  • Children’s Mile of Quarters
  • Animal Rescue, Adoption, Spay and Neuter Programs and “No-kill Policy” Advocates
Donate your car to charity
Donate Your Car
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Donate Your Truck or Van
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Donate Your SUV
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Donate Your Motorcycle
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Donate Your Trailer or RV
Donate your boat to charity
Donate Your Boat

Donate your car, truck, sport utility vehicle, van, motorcycle, trailer, or boat

Everyone wins when you donate car to charity with You Auto Donate!

The Bottom Line:

We will help you raise resources for your various missions by acquiring autos, trucks, vans, RVs, trailers, and even mobile homes (anything tangible that we can sell and convert to money) through our tax-deductible donation program.