Frequently Asked Questions

What can I donate?

We accept most cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, motorhomes, trailers, RVs and boats. If you have any questions at all, please contact us.

Is my donation tax deductible?

All charities listed on this site are classified with the IRS as nonprofit 501 (c)(3) charitable organizations, and all donations to these nonprofit organizations are tax deductible. All individual tax situations are different, so please check with your tax professional to best benefit from your donation.

What do I need to donate my vehicle?

We would prefer you to have your vehicle’s title. However, if you do not, other arrangements can be made. We are a call away!

My vehicle isn't running, can I still donate it?

Absolutely! We will take your vehicle running or not. This may, however, affect the fair market value of your vehicle. Limitations: Although we are happy to be able to provide a public service to motorists who want to donate a vehicle that is not running, our main objective is to provide a revenue stream for charities in need of funding. Therefore, we can only afford to tow vehicles when there is a likelihood that the eventual sale price at auction will exceed the hard cost of the tow. Please contact us for further information.

How is the value of my vehicle determined?

Your donation receipt will be determined from the selling price of your respective donation with a minimum value of $500.

How will my vehicle be picked up?

We will arrange to have your vehicle towed away at a specific scheduled time at no cost to you for towing.

How long does it take for my donation to be picked up?

We can normally pick up your vehicle within a few days. If you need your vehicle picked up sooner, arrangements can be made.

How can I contact you to schedule a pick up?

We would prefer you to fill out our donation form or you may contact us.

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